Armadale Roof Repairs to Primary School

Armadale Primary School Roof Restoration


Guardian Roofing was contracted by the principal contractor to refurbish the roofing of the main building of the Armadale Primary School. The school had been complaining of roof leaks and deterioration of the roof tiles. In order to repair the roof, a standard roof restoration was required with extensive roof repairs.

Like most Armadale roof repairs or roof restorations we carry out, the roof tiles on this roof were very porous and actually needed a Highbuild sealer.

One of the most important aspects of this job was the safety of the public. Although it was school holidays, there are still many people that visit the school to play. There was also a full time school holiday program current. At all times, we ensured all access to site was restricted as much as possible and that constant vision was maintained around the job site.



Winter is a hard time of the year for roof restoration companies. Add to that a large 45 degree roof and a two week time-frame to complete everything and you have a challenge on your hands!

The weather in the first week was a little bit windy. Being that we were cleaning and repairing, it was not essential to have perfect weather. The conditions allowed for us to complete all the required repairs and get the roof ready for painting.

During the second week, it was extremely important to have good weather. Not only were we relying on nice sunny weather, but also for favorable wind conditions. When painting any kind of roof, it is helpful if the wind is at a minimum. This ensures we have a perfect even coat applied and that there is no over-spray.

Luckily all went to plan and it was pleasing to see everything go smoothly on site. All completed with a day to spare and the result is quite impressive.