Roof Re-Pointing Melbourne

Whether you have a cement roof or a terracotta roof, from time to time the roof will require a form of maintenance. Or in some cases repairs. One of the most common roof repairs in Melbourne that happen is the re-bedding or roof re-pointing of the ridge capping cement.

Over time, the ridge capping cement deteriorates and crumbles. This can lead to leakage points in your roof and a weak roof structure. Keeping on top of this issue by providing inspections every now and then is the best method in ensuring your roof is well maintained and we also provide roof painting in Melbourne.

Regardless though, all roofs need some attention to the ridge capping at some point and when the time comes there will generally be two options: roof re-bedding or roof re-pointing.

With all roof cement work, it is recommended that you have it inspected by a qualified tradesman. Upon inspection your tradesman may determine that although the roof looks in very bad shape, it is as bad as it seems, and to see if a roof repointing or roof re-bedding job is required.

  • Re-Bedding (full cement work and pointing)

With a full re-bedding of the roof, all the ridge capping are stripped off including the bedding cement. This is taken away and then a new layer of mortar mix is applied (the bedding) and the ridge capping put back on. This cement will then need to set prior to the flexible pointing being applied.


  • Re-pointing (only minor repairs and full pointing)

The bedding or cement work under most of the ridge capping, gables and valley may still be quite hard and not need to be pulled up. This is called roof re-pointing.

The idea behind any roof repointing service is to use your existing hardened cement is as an advantage. We never lift up old cement work unnecessarily. Yes there may be areas where we need to apply new mortar or even replace the cement to full hips. This is done in places where it is too deteriorated or has been patched up before and a nice neat job cannot be achieved. But we try to avoid this bedding replacement where possible.

The main reason we avoid a full re-bed where we can is that roof bedding cement actually gets harder over time! That is why we generally recommend roof repointing. Many people think that the cement gets softer and deteriorates. This is only true when the original job was done incorrectly. If the exact ratios aren’t adhered to, the end result will be a poor bedding that will break down over time: after about 10 years.

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