Gutter Replacements Melbourne


For all full Colorbond gutter replacements Melbourne residents may need, it is important that the correct materials are used. When spouting or guttering is at point where it can’t be repaired, it is time to call in the experts.

There are many different materials currently on the market and unfortunately most of them are imported products and of inferior quality. The only steel we use and recommend is BlueScope with their coloured product being Colorbond.

Colorbond steel is a special product that is specially formulated for Australian conditions. The steel is coated with high quality paint and then baked to ensure the colour stays on the metal for a long time. The Warrantee for all Colorbond metal is a standard 25 years.

At Guardian Roofing, we have repaired and replaced countless numbers of different styles of guttering. From concealed gutter, quad spouting, fascia gutter or squareline, OG gutter, half round spouting, we have done it all. We also have extensive knowledge on concealed guttering conversions where we transform a concealed guttering system to an external spouting system.

Styles of Gutter

Quad Spouting

Quad spouting is the most common form of gutter. For any gutter replacements Melbourne customers would be wise to ensure that this style is utilised. Quad has quite a modern finish to it and allows for ample water flow. It comes with either a slotted or non-slotted front face.

Quad Gutter


Fascia Gutter

Fascia gutter (or Squareline) is a more commercial form of guttering. It is designed to handle larger volumes of water and hence is a bulkier looking system than Quad. Factories and warehouses often use this form of gutter style to more effectively remove large volumes of water from large roof areas Squareline gutter was predominantly used on Melbourne homes during the 70’s and 80’s and is now being replaced with more modern systems. The only trouble with replacing squareline with Quad is that after the replacement, the timber fascia is left with a small patch area to paint. This is where the lager fascia gutter once covered.

Fascia Gutter
Gutter Replacements Melbourne


Half Round

Half round gutter is the most expensive form of guttering on the market. It is a very slim design and used on modern dwellings.

Roundline Gutter


OG Gutter

OG gutter is a decorative form of guttering used mainly for old period style homes. This form of gutter is very elegant and is probably the most costly gutter on the market. It cost more to purchase and because of the style, it also is much harder to work with which adds time on the job.

Og Gutter

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