How to Care for a Terracotta Roof

Do you have a terracotta roof or are you planning to replace your current roof with a beautiful terracotta roof? The joy and beauty of having a terracotta roof largely stem from their rustic Mediterranean, Spanish colonial appearance and all of the aesthetic charm that it brings to a home, but caring for a terracotta roof is a major consideration that every homeowner should consider.

How Long Should a Terracotta Roof Last?

The good news is that a terracotta roof can last an awfully long time, perhaps 50-75 years or even longer. This makes terracotta a premium roofing material that yields and excellent long term return on investment. Terracotta roofs tend to be fairly costly up-front, however, so consider the initial capital required and compare it to other roofing materials while also considering the average lifespan and maintenance requirements to see if terracotta is the right fit for your home. Also, consider that terracotta (like slate) is extremely heavy as a material and your roof may require reinforcing in order to sustain terracotta roofing tiles..

What’s the bad news, then? Terracotta will certainly not last that long if you neglect to care for it. On the one hand, it’s somewhat true that terracotta is relatively maintenance-free, but that does not imply completely ignoring it. Over time, terracotta can wear out and lead to problems that are far costlier to fix if they’ve been ignored rather than if they were identified sooner and rectified..

How to Care for a Terracotta Roof

One of the most common ways to install terracotta is with interlocking concave & convex tubular profile roofing tiles, which gives the typical terracotta roof its lovely and unique Spanish colonial aesthetic. The interlocking method of installation means that there are many possible entry points for water, algae, and other unwanted debris that can become bigger problems as time goes by. Although this can happen to just about any roof, it can be harder to identify in a terracotta roof due to the many bulges that can hide the presence of buildups..

For these reasons, routine maintenance is recommended even if there is no visible exterior damage to the roof. A small crack could be inviting in water or bacteria, for example. A skilled roofer can professionally inspect the entire roof surface and spot any cracked, damaged, or disjointed tiles as well as inspect flashing for any gaps and provide repairs to the affected area(s) as required..

Terracotta vs Slate & Other Roofing Materials

We’ve already touched a little on how terracotta stacks up to slate, and comparing these two roofing materials is quite appropriate as they have a lot in common. Both slate and terracotta are premium roofing materials, both can last well over 50 years (slate can last over 100), and both require a relatively large up-front investment (a terracotta roof costs around two-thirds of what a slate normally costs)..

Likewise, both materials are relatively maintenance-free and heavy, sometimes requiring structural reinforcement in order to be built. Where they really differ is in the complexity required to care for them. Slate roofs should be maintained by skilled professionals familiar with the material, but terracotta typically poses a lot of unique challenges even to experienced roofers. For this reason, it’s important to always work with reputable and well-established roofers that are familiar with terracotta.

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The Most Low-Maintenance Roofing Materials for Your Home or Business

A lot of homeowners in Australia are rightfully concerned about price when it comes to replacing their roof. While price is and should be a big consideration, the up-front costs for different types of roofing material are often quite different from the long-term costs.

Moreover, the cost of repairing and maintaining some roofs can quickly invalidate what you may have thought to have been a cheap roof when you first had it installed. That’s one big reason why the cost of maintenance should always be a part of your financial calculations when deciding amongst roofing materials.

Below are some of the most low-maintenance roofing materials for your home or commercial business:


Often considered the crème de la crème of roofing materials, slate is without a doubt the preeminent roofing choice for property owners that want a low-maintenance, eco-friendly roofing material that can last for decade after decade – or even centuries.

Although slate is very fragile under certain types of pressure, it is extremely durable and resilient to the weather and precipitation and makes for a superb roofing material that requires no major maintenance other than routine cleaning from time to time.

One downside of slate, however, is that it tends to have high up-front costs. Considering it’s sure to last a lifetime (or longer) with the proper maintenance, the long-term costs tend to be a lot more manageable than for low-quality roofing materials.


Metal roofs are perhaps the next best thing to slate, since they require virtually no maintenance and seldom (if at all) crack or split like tiles or other materials are prone to doing. Furthermore, metal roofs are corrosion-proof since they are often made of alloys that prevent rust and corrosion from eating away at your investment.

Some of the metals most commonly used for roofs nowadays include copper, aluminium, and galvanised steel. Commercial buildings like retail shops in particular can benefit greatly from steel since many shops have flat roofs and cover a large surface area, so metal is ideal in these types of circumstances.

Metal roofing materials, depending on the type of alloy used, can last for many decades and require little in the way of maintenance since they are naturally resistant to mould and mildew.


Tiles are another great roofing material that can also last for decades if well maintained, and on the topic of maintenance, require only the occasional inspection and repairs to any tiles that may be cracked or dislodged.

Similar to metal roofs, tile roofs come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from various materials. Some more economically-friendly options include concrete tiles and synthetic materials, whilst those with more of a budget to spend and an eye for Spanish Colonial aesthetics can opt for terracotta roofs.

Normally, tile roofs hold up quite well over the years and require little maintenance, but the gutters, flashing, and venting around your tile roof will still require frequent maintenance as they tend to be the more vulnerable points of your roof.

Tile roofs are naturally resistant to the elements, which is pretty important, but they’re also greatly resistant to fire, insect infestations, and they hold their colour quite well as they age (unlike some metal roofing materials).

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Providing top-notch gutter cleaning in Ivanhoe, along with professional roof restoration in Doncasterroof restoration in Elthamroof restoration in Essendonroof restoration in Greensborough and roof repointing cost in Melbourne services at Guardian Roofing.

When to Repair and When to Replace Your Roof

Roofing replacements can be expensive, and most homeowners will try to put off this messy and pricey home renovation for as long as possible.  In the meantime, you can either do minor repairs or patch jobs that won’t cost you much at the time, or you can get a roofing expert to do an extensive repair job on your roof that will make that old roof of yours last for years.  It’s tough to make the best possible repair or replacement decision when your old roof is already 15 – 20 years in use. Here are a few tips to help you decide if a repair job is enough and if a full roof replacement is a better solution.

When Old Roof Repairs Are Best

If you don’t have the money for a full roof replacement, then a good repair can help you extend the project until you have the money you need, or will at least help you get a few more years’ use out of your old roof.  Here are a few times when old repairs are best.

  • If your roof is only damaged in a small area or on one side of your home, then a roof repair can solve your problem for a very long time to come.  The only problem here is that the new roofing materials might look different to that of your old roof materials that have already faded and worn, which can make your roof look a little patched.
  • If your roof is still in relatively good condition, then you should definitely proceed with a roof repair.  Small roof repairs like a fresh coat of paint and a fix here and there can make a huge difference to the look of your home and can help you get much more time out of your roof..
  • If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, then a few roof repairs and a restoration is also probably the best option.  Your old roofing should hold up while you are still living there with some minor repairs and restoration completed. To maximise a good sale price if moving, then a full roof restoration is recommended as a cheaper alternative to a full roof replacement.

When a Complete Roof Replacement is Best

There are many times when a roof repair just isn’t worth it, and a new and fresh roof is often a better solution in the long and even in the short run.  Here are a few times when it is best to get a full roof replacement.

  • If the damage to your roof is extensive, then it is best to just get a roof replacement.  Roofing repairs are charged per square metre, and if the damaged area is just too big, then your repairs can easily cost just as much as a new roof.
  • If your roof is made of a material that is no longer available, then a new roof might be best.  A patchy roof can make your home seem unappealing and can decrease property value.
  • A new roof can increase property value dramatically and can make home life a lot more functional if you choose the right materials and colour scheme.
  • Roofs that are made of cheap materials are best to be replaced with something more durable.  Why waste money on a cheap fix when you can get a high-quality replacement for a small investment?

If these tips are still not enough to help you decide between a roof repair and replacement, then the best thing you can do is to give Guardian Roofing a call.  We can come out to your location and check out the condition of your current roof. Our roofing experts can give you a full quote on the cost of repairs and the cost of replacement, so you can decide for yourself which solution is best.

Roof Restoration Questions You Should Be Asking During a Quote

A roof restoration can do wonders for the overall look of your home. The right roof restoration can be superb for enhancing property value and aesthetic appeal. But more importantly, roof restoration is essential for lengthening the life expectancy of your roof and for keeping it strong enough to handle tough Melbourne weather conditions. With frequent maintenance and restoration, you can also prevent a lot of costly repairs such as tile slipping and breakage, water damage to ceilings due to leaks and water ingress into your roof.

The first step to getting your roof restored is to get a professional roofing company to come and inspect the condition of your roof or to give then the exact details of a problem that you have noticed. Your roofing inspector will determine the extent of the problem and create a quotation to get your roof repaired.

Here are a few questions you should ask the roof restoration company while you are getting a quote that might just save you a lot of money.

Ask about products used

Some products used in roofing are pretty expensive and there often is a similar product on the market of an alternative brand that is much more affordable and just as good. But in many cases, these cheaper products won’t last quite as long and cannot stand the harsh temperatures and direct sunlight of Australian weather.

Ask your roofer about the products used such as paint, type of tiles and more. Experienced roofers should be able to give you all the ups and downs of different types of products so you can choose the best and most affordable solution.

Ask about expertise

Most people can do basic roofing repairs but only an expert roofing specialist will give you a highly aesthetic and durable result. Enquire about the expertise of those that are going to work on your roof. At Guardian Roofing we only use qualified and experienced personnel on all roofing projects so each and every task we complete will be done to perfection.

Enquire about odd tasks

While the roofing company is busy doing roof repairs, you might as well get other odd jobs taken care off. Ask about the fees for additional services such as gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, repainting externally and more so you can get everything fixed in one go. This can save you from having to call your roofing company again or using other unreliable tradesman in the near future.

Ask about the fine print or fine details

Enquire about the fine print of the quote. Your quote should be completely obligation free and should include details of everything that is to be done on your roof. If everything is nice and clear there will be no misunderstandings.

Ask about the possibility of a discount price

You can ask about a discount if the project is quite large. Many roofing companies do give superb discounts for large roofing projects or are willing to add free services when you get a major repair job done.

Ask about aftercare services

Ask about the aftercare services once the project is completed. If the job isn’t done right or if you find any challenges with regards to the repair job, your roofing company should be willing to come and fix the problem for you. Guardian Roofing ensures that you will only get the best quality roofing repairs so you will never have to pay twice to get the same job completed.

Ask about alternative solutions

Technology is advancing with each and every passing year and there are now more roofing solutions available than ever before. You might not be aware of all the best roofing repair tools, methods and products out there At Guardian Roofing we can supply you with information on all of the available techniques for getting your roof repaired.

With these questions, you can get an accurate quote and you will be able to locate a good roofing company that delivers superb services.

The Advantages Of Getting Shingle Tiles In Your Roof

Shingle tiles are one of the most common roofing options out there. And for a good reason: they offer a wide arrange of benefits that other roofing materials don’t offer. So what are these reasons? What makes this particular option so attractive for so many homeowners in Melbourne? Why do people like them so much?

Well, with years of experience behind our belts, we are going to provide you with the key reasons on why shingle roof tiles are so ideal for your home.

  • Versatility

    There is nothing more exciting about shingle tiles than the range of materials and styles that come with the model. You can get metal, wood, synthetic slate, slate and asphalt, and all of them come in different styles to suit your home. Whatever design you want for your home, you will get it with these model of roof tiles.

  • Easily Available

    There are many different types of roofing option and finding some are harder than others. But that is not a problem with shingle tiles. Due to its affordable nature, you will be able to find them in plenty of stores across Melbourne.

  • Cost Effective

    As we mentioned above, due to the vast availability of shingle tiles, and the array of designs and colours, these models are much cheaper than other options. You can find one in your budget range and won’t lose out on quality.

  • Easy Maintenance

    As long as you keep a regular schedule and always check your roof, you will be able to keep your shingle tiles in the best condition. You can do this two ways: the first is that you can look at it yourself (from a distance) and the second is that you bring in a professional for an inspection. The best time of year is after the winter and summer months.

What To Do If There Is Something Wrong?

When you bring in a professional, they will be able to see if there is anything wrong with your shingle tiles. They can conduct both external and internal reviews on your shingle roof to see if there is anything wrong. There are some visible signs – in regards to leaking roofs – as well as signals that your whole roof might be restored. However, there is nothing to panic about until you see a roofing contractor.

When it comes to maintaining, repairing or restoring your shingle roof tiles, then speak to the experts here at Guardian Roofing – Melbourne’s best team! We can help you with all your roof repaired, cleaned or painted – so talk to our team today!

Five Ways To Keep Your Flat Roof Secure

There are many common “rules” that come with flat roofs. But you will be surprised to know that many people don’t know them. This leaves a large gaping hole when it comes to ensuring that your flat roof is in premium condition. Too many people either ignore these standard rules or flat out (no pun intended) don’t know them. As leaders of flat roof restorations in Melbourne, we know the tips and the tricks to ensuring that your flat roof is always in premium condition. That is why we have listed them these five smart tips for your security.

Keep It Free Of Debris

Simple and easy rule: keep it free from debris, both natural (branches, trees, leaves, water) and man-made (tools, products, sunroofs). The more debris that you have, the more problems you’re going to face, including potential cracks and leaks. There is also the damage that natural debris can do to the roof, both aesthetically and structurally. This leads to point two…

Don’t Overweight The Roof

Flat roofs have one big problem – they can’t bear a lot of weight. So you have to be mindful not to overload your flat roof with too much weight. It can’t take the pressure, and you are going to have huge problems to see it collapse. Now, we are not trying to scare you. It’s not like a butterfly can bring it down. We are talking about huge amounts of weight that pushes the limits. Speaking to the builder to see how much weight your roof can hold will be vital.

Always Check It

Might seem simple, doesn’t it? But you’ll be shocked at how often people don’t check their flat roofs. Memo to homeowners – always check your roofs. A couple of times a year is no problem, but particularly after the winter and summer months. These are the times that your roof will face a lot of weather changes, so it is always good to check after these months.

Check The Draining Systems

Draining systems on roofs are essential – so you shouldn’t ignore it when it comes to your flat roof. Make sure that your roofing system is working at its best and that it flows without problems. If it doesn’t, you could find water invading your flat roof – and that is going to bring you heaps of potential, and dangerous, problems.

No Dangerous Materials

You would be surprised at the types of materials that people leave on their flat roofs: chemicals, electrical wires, tools and so forth. Leaving these materials on your roof is inviting trouble, and before you know it, you could be facing some serious roof problems. So make sure that your roof is completely free from any potentially dangerous materials or products.

By following these basic rules, you should be able to keep your flat roof secure for years to come. If though, you are facing problems, including leaks, dents, damages and so forth, then it is time to make sure that call the professionals. With over ten years experience in flat roof repairs and restorations, Guardian Roofing can help you when you need it.

Roof Restoration Templestowe

Guardian Roofing are the experts for any Roof restoration Templestowe residents can count on!

There many aspects of roofing that need to be considered when ensuring your home is properly protected from the elements on a day to day basis. Not only does your roof need to withstand strong storm and wind, but also the continuous rain we have in Melbourne.

Templestowe, being a suburb situated in Melbourne’s rain belt area, is often subjected to worst of the above conditions. It is important that your roof is kept in tip top condition to prevent deterioration and costly repairs down the track. Not to mention surprising leaks along the way.

On most occasions, roof repairs will be needed during your roof restoration. The extent of roof repairs will vary according to how well maintained your roof has been kept.

Most roofs in Templestowe will be requiring bed and pointing, roof re-pointing, valley repairs, and general repairs to the roof.

We would normally say that any roof restoration or roof repair in Templestowe, Templestowe Lower or surrounding areas would be divided equally between cement and terracotta roofs.

For all typical cement roofs, the work mostly involves roof painting and general repair work. Often valley irons will need to be changed as they are rusted.

For terracotta roofs, they often do not exceed 30 years in age and are generally in sound condition. these roofs would normally need a pressure clean and basic maintenance such as bedding and pointing.

It is important that the ridge capping of terracotta roofs are kept well maintained. Terracotta roof tiles generally have larger gaps than cement roof tiles. With this the terracotta tiles are more subject to wind shifting them. This causes more pressure on the cement work which in turn deteriorates quicker.

If you’re looking for professional roof restoration in Watsonia, roof restoration in Caulfield, or roof restoration in Camberwell, look no further than Guardian Roofing.

Below are some pictures of various projects we have completed in the area.


Roof Restoration Jobs Melbourne

Guardian Roofing is currently hiring tradesmen for roof restoration jobs in the Melbourne area.

Our office is based in Thomastown, however we cover the entire Melbourne metro and outer Metro areas.


Job Advert

A roof tiler or roof restorer is required for domestic roofing works in the Melbourne area.
A company ute is available, however having your own car is an advantage. Petrol is provided and worked into wages.

Our wages are above award for the right person.

Training can be provided if not competent in roof restoration work but skilled in all other areas of roof tiling.

Duties include:

  • Roofing repairs
  • pressure cleaning
  • roof painting
  • bedding and pointing
  • handrail setup and dismantle

call 94664460 or 0401004294 to apply for the above roof restoration job.

Roof Repairs Melbourne

Harsh weather, heavy rain and strong wind can cause all kinds of damages to your roofs. Tiles can be broken or cracked, and they need to be replaced before any major leakage can occur. Porous tiles can be a source of leaking, and this can lead to even more serious complications. Small problems should always be solved before becoming large and costly.

Damaged Terracotta Valley Cement
Damaged Terracotta Valley Cement


Necessary roof repairs should be completed by an expert. Regular maintenance of your roof is essential for keeping your home in very sound condition. But unfortunately, major structural work and roof works are better left for the Melbourne roofing professionals. Well maintained roofs can add some value to every home, and make it more attractive. This is especially important if you are planning to sell your house in a near future. Don’t forget, prevention is the best form of cure. This is so true when it comes to your roof.

Sometimes a roof may only require minimal repairs. Often replacing a few dozen tiles will solve the problem. When the roof requires extensive repairs, o roof restoration should be undertaken. For any roof restoration Melbourne residents should familiarise themselves with the process. The correct procedure of re-surfacing or re-coating a roofing area, with all the necessary preparation and repairs included is very important for a good job. It is less expensive than completely re- roofing. It will generally cost the customer approximately one third of this amount.

All roof tiles originally constructed are protected by a special shiny layer, also known as glaze or primer. It makes them much more resistant to water and moss. Over time, this layer gets damaged and starts to become ineffective and your tiles tend to become porous. This is a perfect environment for moss and lichen. Another problem that roofing professionals will be able to help you avoid by organising a roof repair is crumbled or cracked mortar. This cement can fall into gutters and may cause them to become clogged. All kinds of complications can arise from there.

Your gutters should be regularly cleaned. High pressure cleaning is the best way to clean them which is incorporated into roof restoration works. This process will remove dirt, mold and moss/lichen. Damaged or worn out sections of cement or roofing materials should be replaced or repaired, including rusted valley irons and lead flushing. Roof ridge capping should be kept in good condition as they form the water barrier over the open sections of the roofing.

Melbourne roofing professionals will make sure every loose or misplaced tile is perfectly fixed and sealed.  Another way of protecting all exposed areas is to apply roof coatings or membrane. They are designed to make tiles more resistant to harsh weather conditions, and Melbourne has plenty of that! Besides the durability aspect, the roof painting procedure will ensure your roof looks very appealing. There are also heaps of colours to choose from in order to suit your houses colour scheme.

People rarely talk about ventilation, and it can also be a very important aspect of maintaining a correctly functioning roof space. Good roof ventilation will insulate your home and lower your bills. The house will be warmer during winter and cool during summer months. It will also keep it dry and allergy free for living. Over time, energy efficient homes save you a great deal of money. Ask your roofing contractor about it.

When you need someone to carry out professional roof repairs Melbourne companies can provide excellent services. You can find more about those services, including prices and other relevant info, on the internet. The majority of those companies have very informative sites online. Ask them for a free inspection and to provide you with an estimate. At Guardian Roofing, we have a wealth of knowledge on the subject and our website has loads of information.