Signs That You Might Need A New Roof

As professionals with over 15 years experience in roof restoration and roof repairs, we here at Guardian Roofing knows the signs and signals when a roof is facing a problem. We understand though that many of our clients might not notice them. Caring for our clients has always been a factor for us, which is why we have listed down the signs that you might need a roof restoration service.

  • The Quality of your shingles:
    Shingles are the tiles which form the outer layer of your roof. If you start to notice that roof’s shingles are beginning to break, crack, discolour, curl up or completely go missing, it is a signal that your roof is reaching its breaking point. The more shingles that are facing damage, the more likely that your roof is facing plenty of problems.

  • Internal problems:
    Do you find that when it rains, there is a leak in your house? Do you notice water stains in your ceilings? If you got internal problems, you got real roof problems. You’ll need a thorough roof restoration process to fix it up.

  • Your roof is dipping:
    Stepping back, do you see a dip or indentation in your roof? If you notice a small dip in your roof, then it’s a clear sign that roof is beginning to face heavy levels of wear and tear.

  • The age of your roof:
    This might be hard to find out, but it is important to know how old your roof is. Depending on the material of your roof, it could be time that your roof needs some repairs and restorations to ensure that it maintains its solid quality.

If you are noticing any of these signs, it could be sign that you need to call the professionals at Guardian Roofing to help. With years of experience in managing roof repairs and roof restorations, you know that you will be trusted hands. Contact us on 03 9438 6343 or 0401 004 294 and we help you with your roof!