Solar Panel Cleaning In Melbourne

Guardian Roofing specialise in cleaning solar panels. To ensure that your solar panels are working at their absolute optimum, it is very important to have them cleaned periodically. Simple dust, bird droppings, sap from gum trees, mould / algae etc can all contribute to a decrease in the output of a solar panel by up to 25%. This, in turn, is valuable energy savings down the drain.

Here at Guardian Roofing, our reputable and reliable tradesmen are experts when it comes to solar panel cleaning and roof works. As such, we ensure that the highest level of safety is maintained at all times and that your property is treated like we would treat our property!

Care is taken to ensure that no roof damage occurs during cleaning. The added advantage of using Guardian Roofing for your solar panel cleaning is that any noticeable issues with your roof that may have gone unnoticed can also be identified for you while we are up there.

Special care is also taken while actually cleaning your panels. Solar panels can be very fragile and so we use soft, non-abrasive cleaning techniques. The cleaning products we use are not harsh and will be selected according to the needs of every roof. There may be water tanks, run off to gardens etc. In some case, we may even have to disconnect the water tank or downpipe. The level of build-up on the panels will also determine which products are used at the time.

If you would like to have your solar panels cleaned professionally, please give the experts at Guardian Roofing a call. With competitive pricing, a wealth of roof and solar cleaning knowledge, and the right experts to do the job, call us today!