Five Ways To Keep Your Flat Roof Secure

There are many common “rules” that come with flat roofs. But you will be surprised to know that many people don’t know them. This leaves a large gaping hole when it comes to ensuring that your flat roof is in premium condition. Too many people either ignore these standard rules or flat out (no pun intended) don’t know them. As leaders of flat roof restorations in Melbourne, we know the tips and the tricks to ensuring that your flat roof is always in premium condition. That is why we have listed them these five smart tips for your security.

Keep It Free Of Debris

Simple and easy rule: keep it free from debris, both natural (branches, trees, leaves, water) and man-made (tools, products, sunroofs). The more debris that you have, the more problems you’re going to face, including potential cracks and leaks. There is also the damage that natural debris can do to the roof, both aesthetically and structurally. This leads to point two…

Don’t Overweight The Roof

Flat roofs have one big problem – they can’t bear a lot of weight. So you have to be mindful not to overload your flat roof with too much weight. It can’t take the pressure, and you are going to have huge problems to see it collapse. Now, we are not trying to scare you. It’s not like a butterfly can bring it down. We are talking about huge amounts of weight that pushes the limits. Speaking to the builder to see how much weight your roof can hold will be vital.

Always Check It

Might seem simple, doesn’t it? But you’ll be shocked at how often people don’t check their flat roofs. Memo to homeowners – always check your roofs. A couple of times a year is no problem, but particularly after the winter and summer months. These are the times that your roof will face a lot of weather changes, so it is always good to check after these months.

Check The Draining Systems

Draining systems on roofs are essential – so you shouldn’t ignore it when it comes to your flat roof. Make sure that your roofing system is working at its best and that it flows without problems. If it doesn’t, you could find water invading your flat roof – and that is going to bring you heaps of potential, and dangerous, problems.

No Dangerous Materials

You would be surprised at the types of materials that people leave on their flat roofs: chemicals, electrical wires, tools and so forth. Leaving these materials on your roof is inviting trouble, and before you know it, you could be facing some serious roof problems. So make sure that your roof is completely free from any potentially dangerous materials or products.

By following these basic rules, you should be able to keep your flat roof secure for years to come. If though, you are facing problems, including leaks, dents, damages and so forth, then it is time to make sure that call the professionals. With over ten years experience in flat roof repairs and restorations, Guardian Roofing can help you when you need it.