Roof Repairs Melbourne

Harsh weather, heavy rain and strong wind can cause all kinds of damages to your roofs. Tiles can be broken or cracked, and they need to be replaced before any major leakage can occur. Porous tiles can be a source of leaking, and this can lead to even more serious complications. Small problems should always be solved before becoming large and costly.

Damaged Terracotta Valley Cement
Damaged Terracotta Valley Cement


Necessary roof repairs should be completed by an expert. Regular maintenance of your roof is essential for keeping your home in very sound condition. But unfortunately, major structural work and roof works are better left for the Melbourne roofing professionals. Well maintained roofs can add some value to every home, and make it more attractive. This is especially important if you are planning to sell your house in a near future. Don’t forget, prevention is the best form of cure. This is so true when it comes to your roof.

Sometimes a roof may only require minimal repairs. Often replacing a few dozen tiles will solve the problem. When the roof requires extensive repairs, o roof restoration should be undertaken. For any roof restoration Melbourne residents should familiarise themselves with the process. The correct procedure of re-surfacing or re-coating a roofing area, with all the necessary preparation and repairs included is very important for a good job. It is less expensive than completely re- roofing. It will generally cost the customer approximately one third of this amount.

All roof tiles originally constructed are protected by a special shiny layer, also known as glaze or primer. It makes them much more resistant to water and moss. Over time, this layer gets damaged and starts to become ineffective and your tiles tend to become porous. This is a perfect environment for moss and lichen. Another problem that roofing professionals will be able to help you avoid by organising a roof repair is crumbled or cracked mortar. This cement can fall into gutters and may cause them to become clogged. All kinds of complications can arise from there.

Your gutters should be regularly cleaned. High pressure cleaning is the best way to clean them which is incorporated into roof restoration works. This process will remove dirt, mold and moss/lichen. Damaged or worn out sections of cement or roofing materials should be replaced or repaired, including rusted valley irons and lead flushing. Roof ridge capping should be kept in good condition as they form the water barrier over the open sections of the roofing.

Melbourne roofing professionals will make sure every loose or misplaced tile is perfectly fixed and sealed.  Another way of protecting all exposed areas is to apply roof coatings or membrane. They are designed to make tiles more resistant to harsh weather conditions, and Melbourne has plenty of that! Besides the durability aspect, the roof painting procedure will ensure your roof looks very appealing. There are also heaps of colours to choose from in order to suit your houses colour scheme.

People rarely talk about ventilation, and it can also be a very important aspect of maintaining a correctly functioning roof space. Good roof ventilation will insulate your home and lower your bills. The house will be warmer during winter and cool during summer months. It will also keep it dry and allergy free for living. Over time, energy efficient homes save you a great deal of money. Ask your roofing contractor about it.

When you need someone to carry out professional roof repairs Melbourne companies can provide excellent services. You can find more about those services, including prices and other relevant info, on the internet. The majority of those companies have very informative sites online. Ask them for a free inspection and to provide you with an estimate. At Guardian Roofing, we have a wealth of knowledge on the subject and our website has loads of information.