Roof Restoration Questions You Should Be Asking During a Quote

A roof restoration can do wonders for the overall look of your home. The right roof restoration can be superb for enhancing property value and aesthetic appeal. But more importantly, roof restoration is essential for lengthening the life expectancy of your roof and for keeping it strong enough to handle tough Melbourne weather conditions. With frequent maintenance and restoration, you can also prevent a lot of costly repairs such as tile slipping and breakage, water damage to ceilings due to leaks and water ingress into your roof.

The first step to getting your roof restored is to get a professional roofing company to come and inspect the condition of your roof or to give then the exact details of a problem that you have noticed. Your roofing inspector will determine the extent of the problem and create a quotation to get your roof repaired.

Here are a few questions you should ask the roof restoration company while you are getting a quote that might just save you a lot of money.

Ask about products used

Some products used in roofing are pretty expensive and there often is a similar product on the market of an alternative brand that is much more affordable and just as good. But in many cases, these cheaper products won’t last quite as long and cannot stand the harsh temperatures and direct sunlight of Australian weather.

Ask your roofer about the products used such as paint, type of tiles and more. Experienced roofers should be able to give you all the ups and downs of different types of products so you can choose the best and most affordable solution.

Ask about expertise

Most people can do basic roofing repairs but only an expert roofing specialist will give you a highly aesthetic and durable result. Enquire about the expertise of those that are going to work on your roof. At Guardian Roofing we only use qualified and experienced personnel on all roofing projects so each and every task we complete will be done to perfection.

Enquire about odd tasks

While the roofing company is busy doing roof repairs, you might as well get other odd jobs taken care off. Ask about the fees for additional services such as gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, repainting externally and more so you can get everything fixed in one go. This can save you from having to call your roofing company again or using other unreliable tradesman in the near future.

Ask about the fine print or fine details

Enquire about the fine print of the quote. Your quote should be completely obligation free and should include details of everything that is to be done on your roof. If everything is nice and clear there will be no misunderstandings.

Ask about the possibility of a discount price

You can ask about a discount if the project is quite large. Many roofing companies do give superb discounts for large roofing projects or are willing to add free services when you get a major repair job done.

Ask about aftercare services

Ask about the aftercare services once the project is completed. If the job isn’t done right or if you find any challenges with regards to the repair job, your roofing company should be willing to come and fix the problem for you. Guardian Roofing ensures that you will only get the best quality roofing repairs so you will never have to pay twice to get the same job completed.

Ask about alternative solutions

Technology is advancing with each and every passing year and there are now more roofing solutions available than ever before. You might not be aware of all the best roofing repair tools, methods and products out there At Guardian Roofing we can supply you with information on all of the available techniques for getting your roof repaired.

With these questions, you can get an accurate quote and you will be able to locate a good roofing company that delivers superb services.