New Roofing Installation in Melbourne

A roof does the important job of safeguarding not just your life and that of your family but also some of your most valuable investments. The protection gives you is determined by its condition. That is why it is important that you always go for skilled and experienced experts roofing in Melbourne for installation and maintenance of your roof.

Why Choose Guardian Roofing for New Roofing Installation

As Guardian Roofing we pride ourselves on the competency, experience and professionalism that we bring to our work. Through many years of working with different clients ranging from residential clients to body corporate entities and builders we have attained a level of confidence, knowledge and hands-on experience that is peerless in Melbourne. We have become adept at working with some of the most modern roofing materials such as New Colorbond Roofing, New Zincalume Roofing, New Roof Tile (Cement) Installation, New Roof Tile (Terracotta) Installation and New Slate Tile Installations. As numerous stories about roofing gone wrong in Melbourne prove, installing roofs correctly using these materials requires a level of skill and expertise that few roofing companies in Melbourne possess. Guardian Roofing falls among those few. Apart from using our experience and expertise to bring out the best in every project we undertake, our success has also been anchored on our strict adherence to manufacturer’s guidelines and Australian standards. In addition, we usually make sure that we have a full insurance policy for every project we embark on. This means that in case accidents happen during roof installation, it is us who incur the losses and not the client.

Procedure to Follow For New Roofing Installation When Working with Guardian Roofing

  • Plan: For a new roofing installation, the first step is to send a plan of the drawings to Guardian Roofing’s office in Melbourne. The plan should preferably be in PDF format to make taking of measurements easy. Some of the features that should be included in the plan include elevations, floor plans and topic roof view. The scaling of the plans should also be done correctly with accurate measurements.
  • Preparation of quotation: The time taken to prepare a quotation after receipt of the plan depends on the plan. The simpler the plan the shorter the time taken to prepare a quotation. On average, we take around 4 days to determine the quantities of materials needed and their pricing. This duration also allows the scaffolding company to carefully analyse the project and come up with its price. The quotation is then sent to the client via email. For most clients, the main determining factor when choosing a roof installation company is the budget. They, therefore, engage different companies and choose the cheapest among them. If a client has contacted different companies, our quotation may either be dearer or cheaper than that of our competitors. We usually request our clients to allow us to match the lowest quotation if possible. However, we don’t accept to lower our quotation if we are convinced that such lowering is likely to compromise the quality of our job. We believe that instead of basing their decisions almost entirely on budgets, clients should also consider a company that is likely to deliver quality work because poorly done work is expensive in the long run as repairs will start coming in sooner than anticipated and in some cases even complete redoing of the roof might be needed.
  • Return of the quotation: If the clients are satisfied with the quotation for new roofing installation we require that they pay a deposit, sign the quotation and then return it. It is important that all the details are filled in appropriately as they are usually filed as records for both the client and the company for future use, especially for issues involving warranties. Once this is done, we communicate to the client an approximate date for the installation and once all the materials arrive we confirm the actual date for the work.

Undertaking a new roofing installation is an important task that should be approached earnestly. If things go wrong, you would have not only lost your money but also put your family at risk. It is, therefore, important that you do your homework thoroughly so that the company you end up choosing is competent enough to handle your project effectively at a fair price. Thanks to our long experience in the roofing industry, Guardian Roofing guarantees our clients quality work for all our roofing installation projects.

If you’re looking for professional roof restoration in Watsonia, roof restoration in Caulfield, or roof restoration in Camberwell, look no further than Guardian Roofing. With their expertise and experience in the industry, Guardian Roofing offers top-quality roof restoration solutions that will transform the look and functionality of your roof.