What Does Roof Restoration Cost – How Much Does It Cost?

Perhaps, you care much about the general look and the everyday situation of your roof because it protects your belongings, your family and, of course, the whole house. Through the single idea that it holds the peace of your family demands some praise, no one is willing to pay hundreds of dollars in exchange for it. That’s where the core idea of how much it costs comes in.

In Australia, it is essential to mention that replacing the roof is costlier than choosing the restoration pathway. Although you can save a sizeable chunk, refurbishment mainly depends on several factors including the size of the roof and the type of repair. The ballpark figure can be arrived at when you take into consideration the following factors.

The Kind of Restoration

Concrete Roofing

As it is made up of water, sand and cement, a concrete roof is expected to last for at least two decades, especially when proper and thorough maintenance are done on a regular basis. Although the restoration figures varied significantly, in Melbourne and Victoria regions, you can part with around $1.70 per square metre. The cost per year can extend to $28.88 per square metre, although you can get a higher or a lower figure than that.

Terracotta Roofing

The primary benefit of using terracotta tiles, which is alongside lasting for five decades, is that they suitably fit the salty coastal regions. However, you will find that the restoration cost of terracotta is pretty higher than that of concrete. Terracotta roof replacement in Melbourne, you can pay as much as $4 per each square metre and $33.33 per square metre every year.

Metal Roofing

Metal roof replacement Melbourne is less common to spot a metallic roof, but the restoration cost is much like that of the exquisite Terracotta tiles. However, it is energy efficient and perhaps suitable for harsh locations.

The Restoration Procedure

Cleaning- the roof that is getting rid of the debris and before painting the roof – almost all of them cost a base figure of $220 for all three types of surfaces
Repointing – ridge capping and gable cement are re-bedded and pointed to where it is required, and it depends on the size of the house. You can pay up to $2900.

Repairs and Protection as well as Painting

It can be done per square metre or per hour, although it often ranges from $40 – $90. But you can expect an estimate that is based on the type of roofing, its difficulty and the extent of the damage. If the paint is a double-coat, you can add a few extra cash, although it is $30 – $50 per hour.

Final Thoughts

Evidently, the cost of roof restoration is fair compared to doing the entire roof makeover. As a homeowner, however, do not choose a contractor basing on the final figure alone. Consider such factors as the warranty, the track record and if they are accredited and licensed in Australia.

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