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Why Roof Ventilation Is Essential


For all roof ventilation Melbourne residents should read on and understand its importance.


A roof ventilation system is essential to ensure the longevity of a buildings physical structure. Without such a system in place, trapped moisture and heat can cause spiraling energy costs, damage roof components, and cause harm to personal belongings that are stored in the attic. It may even occur that condensation builds up to such a degree that is it mistaken for a leaky roof.


If the problem of poor roof ventilation is not addressed it may lead to deck deflection and warping with the result that the whole roof space area would then be dangerous to enter. Understand that your attic and roof trusses need to be exposed adequately to circulating air for it to remain in tip top condition. Problems like dry rot can develop which would be extremely costly to fix and quite easy to avoid with the correct systems in place.


If there is an excess of water vapor in the attic this will condense on metal surfaces, which leads to rust over time. This in turn can create plumbing problems as metal pipes and straps can deteriorate rapidly and then break away and damage the roofing joists. In much colder parts of the world there can be a build-up of ice in the attic which will crack and damage important physical components of the structure. It may also cause water pipes to burst. These are all worst case scenario’s but are every chance to happen in a poorly maintained roofing space.


One should never overlook the problem of a build-up of mould and mildew in a poorly ventilated roofing space. This may impact severely on the health of the inhabitants of the building as respiratory illnesses would occur more frequently.


Today there are a wide range of attic vents that you could consider installing. You should have both an intake and exhaust vent to ensure proper circulation of air. The intake vent would need to be placed on the roof eaves whereas the exhaust vent should be positioned on the roof’s ridge line or nearest to.



Having Roof Vents / Whirlybirds installed in your house is necessary in order for your roof to function properly. The two main functions of the Roof Vent are:


  1. Summer – To clear out the hot in your roof space caused by direct sunlight. Hot air rises, so your roof vent is placed at the highest point possible on the roof line. Outside air is drawn in while the hot air inside is expelled, leaving your roof space cooler.


FACT– Your roof space can actually get up 60 degrees in temperature, causing insulation to become less effective and air conditioners to work much harder.


  1. Winter –  Roof Vents work by drawing the moisture out of your roof area. This Moisture is caused by the use of bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. The condensation is simply directed up through the roof vent shaft and released through the top.


FACT– Your roof space can actually accumulate more than ten liters of moisture through condensation. This in turn can create colour stains on your walls, ceilings and any other noticeable areas.


Other important benefits of having roof vents installed on your roofs are that they run totally free, saving you on electricity bills. By lessening the power used by air conditioners, you are also doing your part for the environment to the ongoing task of trying to limit greenhouse emissions which is a great thing for the environment.


Using only slight wind for propulsion, roof vents will operate silently 365 days a year!





Static vents come in many sizes and shapes. They also do not cost that much and are in most cases used by the professionals. However you will need to buy quite a few units to cover the whole roof evenly and ensure it is being effectively ventilated.


Turbine vents are affordable, easily installed and you will only require one of these per 80m2 of roofing space. The amount of air moving in and out of the roof attic space will all be up to the external wind speed. Some of the more cheaply priced units quite regularly squeak and deteriorate quickly.


The most appealing and slim vents ventilators we recommenced and use exclusively are Ampelite Superflow. These roof vents are a stretch design which allows for the air to be evenly distributed and exchanged throughout the entire building. They are not affected in any way by changes in wind direction and are even useful in high wind speeds as well. The Ampelite have a fiberglass re in-forced nylon chassis system and sealed duel bearing housing. These vents will far out perform any other vent on the market.


The importance, functionality and advantages of a good ventilation system should never be overlooked. They are designed to eliminate moisture build-up as they will manage the air circulation within the attic. While a good circulation system will help reduce your energy costs they will also ensure that the home remains in good condition for a long while.


For any roofing Melbourne customers need to understand each type of vent and their advantages and disadvantages. Our professional in roof ventilation will be able to correctly advise on which ventilation system to go with.

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