Roof Restoration

Professional Melbourne Roof Restorations and Repairs Guardian Roofing Can Offer


When in need for professional roof repairs Melbourne residents will find numerous respectable companies in their area. Those roofing companies should offer free quality advice on what is required in maintaining your roof. They will also provide a general condition report, where they will outline what has to be done and how much this will cost. For a total roof restoration Melbourne customers should expect to pay roughly $24 – $34 per meter2.


It is highly important to keep roofs in very good condition, to clean and check them regularly and prevent possible metal roof tile leaks, as well as structural damages. Porous or damaged tiles could cause more serious problems. Strong wind and other harsh weather conditions are mostly responsible for occasional broken or loose tiles. By conducting regular routine checks and undergoing regular maintenance when required, your roof will be remain sound.


Professionals will make sure they make all the necessary repairs. A great looking roof in tip top condition will greatly affect the value of your beautiful home. It will surely improve your house appearance. Regular maintenance will not only save you a great deal of money, but it will also make your home safer to live in. Preventing all potential problems is always the best way of saving both your time and your valuable money.


Sometimes with various roof repairs Melbourne customers cannot have all the issues solved. It is then necessary to replace or have a roof restoration completed to the entire roofing structure. In Melbourne, the price of a total roof restoration is usually about one third of a price you would pay for a new roof. For this amount you will get a full pressure cleaning service, all the necessary repair works done and a complete re-surfacing / roof re-spray.


Broken, loose or cracked tiles should be replaced or fixed. Porous tiles can absorb too much water and cause different problems. Moss and lichen should be properly removed, and gutters perfectly clean. Problems can also occur if the mortar is crumbled or broken in different places. All those problems might be the result of improperly structured roofs and lack of maintenance.


Regular maintenance could significantly extend the life of a roof, both cement and terracotta. High pressure cleaning will eliminate the excessive dirt and mould build up, including the dirt collected in your gutters. Rusted valley irons should be replaced, and lead flushing repaired, if necessary. Ridges are the most important aspects, and should be kept in great condition. These should be periodically checked and re-pointed with a high grade flexible pointing compound.


All elements should be appropriately sealed. A sealer protects tiles from becoming porous. This is the correct method in preventing the moisture absorption and possible leaks. Final coatings will additionally protect all exposed surfaces. Coatings are available in various colours. Our roof coatings have a high concentrate of Teflon which ensures the end result is glossy and especially appealing. Painting your roof will greatly lift the appearance of your property.


When you think you might need proper roof repairs Melbourne roofing companies are readily available to help you. Here at Guardian Roofing we are one of the best. You can find important information throughout our website. Learn what we are about, how we actually do it and why.


Make your home a wonderful, safer place to live in, and improve its value in more than one way.


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Roof Ventilation Melbourne

Having Roof Vents / Whirlybirds installed in your Melbourne roofing is necessary in order for your roof to function properly. The two main functions of the Roof Vent is:

  1. Summer

To clear out the hot in your roof space caused by direct sunlight.

FACT– Your roof space can actually get up 60 degrees in temperature, causing insulation to become less effective and air conditioners to work much harder.

  1. Winter

To draw the moisture out of your ceiling area caused by the running of bathroom and stove exhaust fans.

FACT-your roof space can actually accumulate over ten liters of water through condensation, creating stains on interior walls and ceilings.

Other important benefits of having roof vents or Whirlybirds installed on your roofs are that they operate absolutely free, saving you on electricity bills. By lowering the power consumed by air-conditioners, you are also limiting green house emissions. There are many roof vent sizes to choose from. The most common size in Melbourne is the 300mm standard roof vent. For a commercial roof such as a factory or warehouse, the most common size of vent would be 500mm. They can come in either an aluminium or stainless steel build.

Using wind power for propulsion, your roof vents operate silently 365 days a year!



A FREE whirlybird (Roof Vent) supplied and installed with every roof restoration


If you’re looking for professional roof restoration in Taylors Lakes, roof restoration in Toorak, or roof restoration in Viewbank, look no further than Guardian Roofing. With their expertise and experience in the industry, Guardian Roofing offers top-quality roof restoration solutions and general painting that will transform the look and functionality of your roof.