Metal Roof Restoration

A metal roof restoration is an increasingly popular choice for people these days. Whether it is simply to change the colour, protect you metal again due to oxidization or match in the colour due to a new extension, there are products available to bring your old roof back to life again. Careful consideration is given however on whether rust or corrosion has penetrated the surface of the metal roofing.

Corrugated Metal Before
Metal Roof Restoration Before
Corrugated Metal After
Metal Roof Restoration After

An inspection by one of our qualified tradesmen will identify the condition of your roof for roof restoration in Melbourne. We will look for signs of corrosion and the extent to which any rust may have penetrated the surface. We look at whether any other repairs are required to flashing, capping, screws or nails, gutters, downpipes and penetrations. We also inspect the roofing for all safety requirements that might be needed for the job. Once we have all of information, we can provide you with a quote for the metal roof painting.




  • The first stage of completing a metal roof restoration in Melbourne is to ensure we comply with government legislation. we determine what safety requirement is to be met to ensure the safety of our workers.


  • We then inspect the roof for any know leaks and find out why it is leaking. If roofing sheets are to changed or metal roof repairs completed, they are done so now.

Fasten Sheets

  • We then tighten up any screws as necessary and or re-nail any nails required.


  • Next the roof is pressure cleaned to remove all grime and debris build up. This is very important to ensure that our roof coatings bond to the metal roof tightly.


Metal Roof Pressure Cleaning


Primer Choice

  • After the cleaning we determine which metal roofing primer is needed. This will discussed prior to the job as the price differs slightly depending on which metal roof primer we use. Obviously more deteriorated roofing requires a higher grade primer. These types of primers will neutralise the corrosion and allow for the roofing paints to be applied correctly.


Roof Paint Applied

  • The roofing primer is applied followed by 2 top coats of the customers choice of color.

Job Complete

  • The rail is taken down and the job is complete. We would normally expect a metal roof restoration to take about 3 days depending on the weather conditions.

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Trimdeck Roof Restoration After
Trimdeck Roof Restoration Before