The Most Low-Maintenance Roofing Materials for Your Home or Business

A lot of homeowners in Australia are rightfully concerned about price when it comes to replacing their roof. While price is and should be a big consideration, the up-front costs for different types of roofing material are often quite different from the long-term costs.

Moreover, the cost of repairing and maintaining some roofs can quickly invalidate what you may have thought to have been a cheap roof when you first had it installed. That’s one big reason why the cost of maintenance should always be a part of your financial calculations when deciding amongst roofing materials.

Below are some of the most low-maintenance roofing materials for your home or commercial business:


Often considered the crème de la crème of roofing materials, slate is without a doubt the preeminent roofing choice for property owners that want a low-maintenance, eco-friendly roofing material that can last for decade after decade – or even centuries.

Although slate is very fragile under certain types of pressure, it is extremely durable and resilient to the weather and precipitation and makes for a superb roofing material that requires no major maintenance other than routine cleaning from time to time.

One downside of slate, however, is that it tends to have high up-front costs. Considering it’s sure to last a lifetime (or longer) with the proper maintenance, the long-term costs tend to be a lot more manageable than for low-quality roofing materials.


Metal roofs are perhaps the next best thing to slate, since they require virtually no maintenance and seldom (if at all) crack or split like tiles or other materials are prone to doing. Furthermore, metal roofs are corrosion-proof since they are often made of alloys that prevent rust and corrosion from eating away at your investment.

Some of the metals most commonly used for roofs nowadays include copper, aluminium, and galvanised steel. Commercial buildings like retail shops in particular can benefit greatly from steel since many shops have flat roofs and cover a large surface area, so metal is ideal in these types of circumstances.

Metal roofing materials, depending on the type of alloy used, can last for many decades and require little in the way of maintenance since they are naturally resistant to mould and mildew.


Tiles are another great roofing material that can also last for decades if well maintained, and on the topic of maintenance, require only the occasional inspection and repairs to any tiles that may be cracked or dislodged.

Similar to metal roofs, tile roofs come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from various materials. Some more economically-friendly options include concrete tiles and synthetic materials, whilst those with more of a budget to spend and an eye for Spanish Colonial aesthetics can opt for terracotta roofs.

Normally, tile roofs hold up quite well over the years and require little maintenance, but the gutters, flashing, and venting around your tile roof will still require frequent maintenance as they tend to be the more vulnerable points of your roof.

Tile roofs are naturally resistant to the elements, which is pretty important, but they’re also greatly resistant to fire, insect infestations, and they hold their colour quite well as they age (unlike some metal roofing materials).

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