Things To Consider When Choosing A Roof Colour

When you are renovating your home, you will not want to skip the roof. Roof renovations are interesting to look into, and can help you not only make changes to your home, but bring about inherent value over time. Before you spend any money on this, you are going to want to look at a few elements that could help you move forward with the right options. The following are just a few things that you can do right now to make sure that your roof looks great, and is not just functional.

Consider Your Siding

First and foremost, you need to look for the siding that you have in place. Consider what the colours of your fascia, siding, window shutters, and other elements outside. You want to have something that is not completely contrasting, and not necessarily 100% complementary. Your siding can dictate what the colour of your roofing will be. Consider this overall, and you will narrow down the searches.

What Style Home Do You Have?

There are a lot of different types of homes that you can purchase. However, when you are renovating the roof, you’ll find that you are limited in a lot of ways. Some homes don’t look good with shingles, for instance. Think about the other homes in your area that have similar facades. You want to absolutely make sure that you are not contrasting too much. For instance, if you have a ranch style home, perhaps Spanish tiled roofing is not the best option to go forward with. Think about what the style of your house commands and you will find something interesting to consider.

Metal Roofing, Alternative Styles and More

For those that want longevity, and strength, look at metal shingles and roofing that can block out the elements. This is a roofing solution that has gone beyond your traditional metal options like metal roof replacement in Melbourne. There are options that can go on top of existing shingles, and allow rain, snow, sleet, hail, and much more fall away with simplicity.

When all else fails, make sure that you consider what your home owner’s association calls for. If you do not have an HOA, then consider what your neighbours are doing, and complement their homes, without going too extreme in terms of colour, or at least match up with similar elements in your area. You’ll find that this is a great way to move forward.

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