Roof Restoration Templestowe

Guardian Roofing are the experts for any Roof restoration Templestowe residents can count on!

There many aspects of roofing that need to be considered when ensuring your home is properly protected from the elements on a day to day basis. Not only does your roof need to withstand strong storm and wind, but also the continuous rain we have in Melbourne.

Templestowe, being a suburb situated in Melbourne’s rain belt area, is often subjected to worst of the above conditions. It is important that your roof is kept in tip top condition to prevent deterioration and costly repairs down the track. Not to mention surprising leaks along the way.

On most occasions, roof repairs will be needed during your roof restoration. The extent of roof repairs will vary according to how well maintained your roof has been kept.

Most roofs in Templestowe will be requiring bed and pointing, roof re-pointing, valley repairs, and general repairs to the roof.

We would normally say that any roof restoration or roof repair in Templestowe, Templestowe Lower or surrounding areas would be divided equally between cement and terracotta roofs.

For all typical cement roofs, the work mostly involves roof painting and general repair work. Often valley irons will need to be changed as they are rusted.

For terracotta roofs, they often do not exceed 30 years in age and are generally in sound condition. these roofs would normally need a pressure clean and basic maintenance such as bedding and pointing.

It is important that the ridge capping of terracotta roofs are kept well maintained. Terracotta roof tiles generally have larger gaps than cement roof tiles. With this the terracotta tiles are more subject to wind shifting them. This causes more pressure on the cement work which in turn deteriorates quicker.

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Below are some pictures of various projects we have completed in the area.