Roof Restorations V Roof Repairs: What is What?

The security of your roof is imperative for the safety of your home. That is why you should always look to maintain it. There are key options when it comes to giving your roof extra life that you should be aware of. These options are roof restorations and roof repairs. While they sound similar in theory, they are different in practice. We got those differences for you here:

Roof Repairs.

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When it comes to roof repairs in Melbourne, only certain areas of your roofs are worked on. This could mean the section that is leaky, the shingles (or tiles) that are broken or the areas that need to be painted. Getting on these repairs early will save you money in the long-term and will make a difference to the longevity of your roof.

However, if you let these damages go, they will pile up and you might end up needing a roof restoration. Which leads up to breaking down what roof restorations are…

Roof Restorations.

Restorations mean a complete makeover of your entire roof. This means that all aspects of the roof are fixed, including damaged shingles, painting, cleaning, the repairing of leaks and holes, and all other areas that need to be repaired.

In terms of costs, roof restorations are more valuable and cost-effective than replacing the entire roof. By getting your metal roof restored, you are basically giving it another 10 years of life, strengthening it in all areas and ensuring that it can withstand all types of accidents, incidents and weather.

How to choose them?

This all depends on the damage of your roof. Each roof is different and each requires a different types of service. That is why it is important to consult a professional when it comes your roof. With a professional on board, they can see the condition of your roof, find out if there are any issues and provide you with the right solution.

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